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Frank Kimbrough

5LINX Platinum Senior VP, Telecommunications

Hi, I'm Frank Kimbrough, 5LINX Platinum Senior VP

Frank Kimbrough's Bio:

Husband and wife team - Frank Kimbrough and Nicole Kimbrough - both left their lucrative jobs and became 5LINX representatives shortly after agreeing to come to an International Training Event in San Antonio in 2008. That event gave them deeper insight into running a successful business and opened their eyes to the opportunity they had in front of them.

During their three-year journey to Platinum SVP they had many obstacles to overcome, including rejection from friends and family, balancing work as well as family, and getting others to understand their sense of urgency. But they never thought about quitting because, “that would mean quitting on our dreams and goals of financial freedom and spending more time with our six kids.”

This couple has had the opportunity to change many lives along their way down the 5LINX path. “We are truly grateful for the privilege of impacting lives and giving hope with this opportunity, especially in these turbulent economic times.”

Their words of encouragement for those still finding their way are decisive yet simple: “Just decide to win. Be committed to the process and be more afraid of losing than of the word no.”

Of their mentor, Jesus Christ, they say, “By studying his life, we can learn how to become better human beings and better network marketers.”

Frank Kimbrough's Experience:

  • 5LINX Platinum Senior Vice President at 5LINX

Frank Kimbrough's Interests & Activities:

Networking, Marketing, New Business Opportunities, Coaching, Training, Leadership, Community

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